Workplace Vaccination Survey

Discover your employee’s sentiments about COVID-19 vaccination policies in the workplace.

Here is What Employees Are Thinking

44% of employees stated that they would feel safer coming to work if their employer mandated the COVID-19 vaccine.

69% of workers said their employer has not yet discussed whether they will mandate the vaccine at their company.

Let Us Help You Understand Your Employees Sentiments

Innovation Health Group, founded by Dr. Elaine Chin, is here to support your team with an employee survey to better understand how:

1. your employees feel about the COVID-19 vaccination

2. to achieve a workplace herd immunity goal (70%+) that will improve the physical and mental well-being of your team

3. to create your customized communication plan and strategy for your vaccination policy and wellness program

Be a proactive best practice employer.
Engage your workplace in a vaccination conversation.

“Frontline health workers will be the first to see mandatory vaccination rules,but this will soon extend to any worker who works closely with customers,the general public or in the close proximity to other employees.”

Globe & Mail Article, Jan 15, 2021
Daniel Lubin, Founding Partner at Whitten & Lubin, Employment & Labour Lawyers

Connect with the Innovation Health Group team to get started.


Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Sentiment Survey

Demographics, a starting point to know who is your employee team

Vaccine awareness, where your employees get their information matters

People who generally get vaccinated will likely get the COVID-19 vaccine.If they do not want a shot, we should understand WHY

Hear from your employees about your workplace vaccination policies and preferences. From there you will know your next steps

How do your employees feel about having some sort of workplace immunity passport

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