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With vaccines well underway, Innovation Health Group offers Canada’s FIRST Immunity Passport. We are more than just a ‘vaccine passport’. We offer a TRUE IMMUNITY PASSPORT. Discover if you have developed antibodies against various strains of COVID-19 by doing a targeted antibodies test.

Create Your Own Immunity Passport

Your Immunity Passport supports vaccination documentation, and later, antibodies testing to confirm that your vaccines have likely provided you with some immunity protection against COVID-19.

Information is encrypted and stored in Canada by Dr. Elaine Chin, Medical Director of Executive Health Centre, Toronto, Canada within her practice.

Key Features

Vaccination Record

Upload an image of your first and second vaccination records for COVID-19 by taking a photo of the document you received and adding key information.

Family Account

Have all your family members under one account for easy access of vaccination documentation and immunity status.

Confirm Immunity

The app will cue you to get your antibodies test done to confirm immunity 30-60 days after your vaccination series.

Share Documents

Your records can be shared securely with your healthcare providers, and HR if work requires documentation.

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About Covid-19 Antibodies

Testing performed through traditional blood draw or dried blood format to detect the presence of antibodies from natural exposure to coronavirus or post vaccination.

Learn more: Antibodies Testing

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Frequently Asked Questions

What personal information is being collected on the Immunity Passport?

The following explicit data set will be used in the Immunity Passport Application:
1.1 Personal Identifiable Information (PII) consists of Name; Date of Birth; Province, email, phone, payment information and address.
1.2 Personal Health Information (PHI) related to your COVID-19 immunity includes details of your vaccination and your antibodies test results.

Who will access my personal information?

You must provide consent to use  the app personally or to use a sharepoint or to allow EHC/IHG access to the Immunity Passport application.
2.1 You as an individual you are able to access your information (PII & PHI).
2.2 The clinical teams at EHC/IHG and at the testing laboratory.

Will my information be disclosed to any third parties?

EHC/IHG will not disclose, trade or otherwise transfer any personal information, without prior consent, except as otherwise outlined in providing the services (described below) under the Immunity Passport.
In the course of providing laboratory services, we use PHI internally and disclose it to health care providers (health care professionals requesting services, laboratory personnel involved in ordering services), insurers, payors, third party service providers and their respective agents. EHC/IHG may use aggregated non-identifiable information to provide better services or for statistical/research purposes.

What will my information be used for?

Data collected will be used explicitly for the following purposes:
4.1 To store an electronic record of your vaccinations and antibody test results for COVID-19. By taking a test and returning the samples, you give consent to make these results available to whom you choose to show in the Immunity App.
4.2 To provide you with EHC/IHG’s health services, billing and accounting, research and statistical analysis and to meet legal and mandatory requirements.

How is my information kept secure?

Your account information is protected by the password you use to access your online account. We offer customers strong encryption of your content. The application will be housed within AWS facilities in Canada and your data is encrypted in the COVID-19 Immunity Passport database, as well as when it is being retrieved (data in transit). A full threat risk assessment has been conducted by an independent party on the technology security (posted on the web page) and can be requested.

Who is responsible for the accuracy of my data, and can I correct it?

As an individual, in providing consent you will be responsible for providing and updating your personal information. You are solely responsible for all data that you transmit or that relates to any activity you have undertaken using the application.

Who can I contact about compliance with the applicable Privacy laws?

Chief Privacy Officer – Dr Elaine Chin – Innovation Health Group; 4120 Yonge St. #306
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M2P2B8

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