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Immunity Passport regroups Canadian precision medicine experts as well as licensed and accredited laboratories.

Trust and Follow the Science

As founder of Innovation Health Group, I believe the best cure to disease is to prevent it all together. Our health team takes proactive actions backed by data from science-based diagnostic testing. It’s our goal to strengthen your resilience against diseases which can result in disability and even premature death.

The pandemic has highlighted the need for all of us to trust and follow the science so we can improve our resistance against COVID-19. We embraced the power of masking and social distancing to keep us safe from getting the disease. And now, we have access to one of the most powerful prevention tools we have against COVID-19, the vaccines.

To support your adoption and record keeping of your vaccinations, our IT team at Innovation Health Group created the Immunity Passport App. Our goal is to support a future proof home and workplace that is COVID-19 ‘free’.

Elaine Chin, M.D.

Founding Group

At Innovation Health Group, we are championing a world where people can thrive with renewed health resiliency.

We leverage the power of precision medicine to create proactive health action plans which strengthens our clients’ physical and mental stamina to overcome their challenges at work, home and in their communities.


At Executive Health Centre, we are expert practitioners of personalized medicine and skilled curators of evidence-based precision medicine diagnostics. We help our clients reduce their risks of life-threatening conditions such as heart disease and stroke, cancer, diabetes, dementia and more. We, not only identify and reduce our client’s risk of serious disease, but coach them to live a happier, healthier and longer life.

Health is more than just treating what ails you. It’s about taking a holistic approach to managing and optimizing your wellbeing. We are recognized for leading the way in integrating health professionals comprised of physicians, naturopathic doctors, nutritionist and mental health professionals who understand how to integrate our most current diagnostic tests into your personalized health action plan.


Precision Medicine Experts

Our secret is not really a secret. Clients come to us because we are leaders in delivering what people really want: personalized healthcare leveraging the knowledge of precision medicine.


Seasoned Curators

As expert curators of evidenced based and precise diagnostics, we help our clients reduce their risks of life-threatening conditions and optimize their health and longevity.


Qualified Health Advisors

Our team of integrated health professionals are specially trained to interpret the reports from specialized testing and develop a customized action plan based on these findings.


Health-in-a-Box is a virtual health offering, with which you can know your body’s scorecard to better manage your well-being. Get assessed with kits you can complete in the comfort of your home. Health professionals, trained by Innovation Health Group, will provide insights and coach you toward a better you. Personalized Health. Powered by you. Delivered by professionals.


Healthy Metabolism

Boost your metabolism to increase your energy and lose weight.


Mental Wellness

Develop coping skills to manage your stress and stay mentally well.


Diet & Nutritional Needs

Optimize your diet by measuring your vitamin levels and knowing your food intolerances.


Hormonal Health

Better manage your hormone levels to stay more youthful.



Analyzing your genetics can give you better insights about your body’s DNA blueprint.


BC Neuroimmunology Laboratory began as the UBC Neuroimmunology Laboratory in 1984 under the directorship of Dr. Joel Oger, who was a professor of Neurology and had a keen interest in providing specialized services for patients affected with Neuro-Immunological disorders. After Dr. Oger’s retirement in 2014, Dr. Hans Frykman took over the directorship of the laboratory. In 2019, it was established as a private company and rebranded as BC Neuroimmunology.

BC Neuroimmunology Laboratory focuses on diagnostic testing in neuro-immunological disorders. During this pandemic, the lab has supported the COVID-19 battle by performing PCR testing and, more recently, evaluating post-vaccination antibodies. Immusafe Inc was created to commercialize this test to physicians and their patients.

It is accredited by the Diagnostic Accreditation Program of British Columbia (DAP) and the College of American Pathologists (CAP), as well as the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (CPSBC).

Still based out of the University of British Columbia’s hospital building, BC Neuroimmunology has a strong connection with education, providing research projects for undergraduates, graduates, and post-docs, as well as clinical and research fellows.


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