A Trusted Science-Based Approach to Battle COVID-19

Our pathway to immunity against COVID-19 will only be successful with widespread vaccination to a point where this virus cannot infect so many people and cause disruption to our businesses, our health and our lives.

To achieve ‘herd immunity’ we need at least 80% of the population vaccinated.

Create Your Own Immunity Passport

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Helping You Stay on Track

Our Immunity Passport will empower you to store the important data you need to prove you’re vaccinated and have antibodies against COVID-19.

Upload your vaccination record of your first and second shots against COVID-19 by taking a photo of the document you received and adding key information.

No more lost paperwork. Keep it all in the palm of your hands because it’s on your phone.

And for all of us who are too busy – set reminders after your first shot to get your second shot, if applicable.

Your data is secure and private. Information is encrypted and stored in Canada by Dr. Elaine Chin, Medical Director of Executive Health Centre, Toronto, Canada within her practice.

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Why Get an Immunity Passport?


Peace of Mind

Vaccinations should lead to you developing antibodies. Presently it is unknown what percentage of people who receive a series of vaccinations will develop sufficient antibodies. Get tested approximately 4 weeks after your shots to learn if you are potentially immune, and remain so, months later.


Return to Work Safely

Some workplaces may require proof of vaccination and/or antibodies status. By confirming your team members are more likely to be immune could be a way of getting people back into the workforce more quickly and safely. This knowledge is critical to supporting an organization’s risk management strategy and wellbeing in the workplace.


Exemption from Restrictions

Knowing if you are immune may allow authorities to issue ‘passes’ to exclude ‘antibodies positive’ individuals from highly restrictive measures currently in place, especially if there are more future waves of COVID-19 infections in our communities.

Are You Immune?

We are here to help you determine your immunity

Having antibodies develop against COVID-19 means:
You’ve been infected either naturally or by vaccination in the recent past.

It may also mean:


You’re no longer


While we know a great deal about other viruses, COVID-19 is new to the world. Established science assumes the above statements are true. Time will ultimately confirm these claims.

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