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A Path Forward to a New Health Era

As a personalized medicine physician, I have spent my life helping people take a holistic preventative approach to their health and well-being. I know firsthand how the conflicting recommendations and misinformation have not only confused you but caused so much frustration too. All of us are trying to stay well and move beyond COVID-19.

Allow me to help you sort through the science, process it, and offer you an easy pathway to immunity from COVID-19, but more importantly, reduce your stress and anxiety about your health and well-being. I share three simple steps to take back control of your life.

Elaine Chin M.D., M.B.A.
Founder of Immunity Passport,
Division of Innovation Health Group

Your Immunity Pathway

Recommendations from Dr. Elaine Chin M.D., M.B.A., Founder of Executive Health Centre, Toronto.

Wondering if You Have Mounted a Sufficient Immune Response Post-Vaccine?

First in North America Test

Provides reassurance of antibodies specific to variants of concerns

Innovation Health Group (IHG), developer of Canada’s first Immunity Passport, is now offering antibodies testing that can give the kind of reassurance people are looking for as travel begins to open up and senior leaders are beginning to plan on bringing some of their staff back to a hybrid work environment.



Your Immunity Passport

Our Immunity Passport will empower you to store your vaccination documents to prove you’re vaccinated and have antibodies against COVID-19.

Upload all your COVID-19 vaccination records by taking a photo of the document you received and add key information. No more lost paperwork by having it conveniently in the palm of your hands in an App. Set reminders after each shot to get your second shot and/or boosters, if applicable.

We are more than just a ‘vaccine passport’. Innovation Health Group offers a TRUE IMMUNITY PASSPORT. Discover if you have developed antibodies against various strains of COVID-19 by doing a targeted antibodies test.

Your data is private but you have the choice to securely share your records from your App with healthcare providers, family and other organizations.

Your data is encrypted in transit and stored securely in the cloud. Executive Health Centre, in Toronto, Canada serves as your data custodians.

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It's Time to Get Back to Normal!


Peace of Mind

Having the diagnostic assurance that your vaccine has been effective for you and those you care about will reduce much of the anxiety that you’re ready to return to a more normal life with family, friends and colleagues.


WELLcome Solution

It’s time to chart a path to “life after COVID”. Knowing we’re vaccinated and confirmed immune will return us to the things that give spark and joy to – going to the gym, theatre, sporting events, travel and more!


Safer Workplace

Creating a workplace that gives greater assurance that it is “as safe as possible” will not only require vaccination for COVID-19 but also strong antibody response rates to reassure everyone they can collaborate without worry in person.

Are You TRULY Immune?

Having antibodies against COVID-19 means

You’ve recovered

You’re immune


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